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Solar Panel Installations in Hampden County, MA

Installing Solar Panels in Hampden County, Massachusetts: Costs, Incentives & More

  • Hampden County residents pay an average cost of $3.49/W for solar systems, which is higher than the national average of $2.66/W
  • Net metering allows homeowners in Hampden County to exchange their unused electricity for credits from energy companies.
  • Local solar companies such as Northeast Solar, United Better Homes, and Beyond Green Construction provide solar services in Hampden.
  • Installing a solar system increases home values by about 4.1% or $5,911 per kW.
  • Solar panel systems in Hampden County are exempt from property taxes.

How much do Solar Panels cost in Hampden County, MA?

In Hampden County, Massachusetts, the average per-watt energy cost for solar installations is $3.49/W, higher than the $2.66 national average cost per watt for solar systems. However, Massachusetts offers multiple incentives that help reduce the net cost.

How to get the Federal solar tax credit.jpg

For instance, a 5 kW or 7 kW solar system in Hampden County will cost between $14,832 and $20,068, with an average cost of about $17,450. But the cost reduces to $10,290 and $14,406 after credits.

Energy System Size Solar Panel Cost Cost After Credit
5kW $14,700 $10,290
6kW $17,640 $12,348
7kW $20,580 $14,406
8kW $23,520 $16,464
9kW $26,460 $18,522
10kW $29,400 $20,580

How Long Does it Take for Solar Panels to Pay for Themselves in Hampden County?

Hampden County residents can get a payback of their solar costs in as little as five years to nine. Solar systems paying for themselves means saving enough electricity bills to accumulate to the cost of installing the solar system.

What is the average solar payback time in Massachusetts.jpg

Generally, solar panels usually have 5 to 9 years of average payback time. The payback time depends on the cost of the solar system and its efficiency. Solar systems with higher efficiency can reduce the payback period by up to half. Solar systems start to pay for themselves the moment they start running.

How can I Sell Solar Energy in Hampden County, Massachusetts?

Net metering is a program that allows homeowners with energy-generating systems to exchange surplus electricity for energy credits. Homeowners do this by sending unused electricity to the local grid for redistribution.

The guidelines for net metering in Hampden County are based on Massachusetts state laws. Wind energy sources on net metering need 2 MW or less for private residences and not more than 10 MW for public structures.

Net Metering in Massachusetts.jpg

Net metering in Massachusetts has a cap for public and private buildings. The General Net Metering Program has a cap set at 7% for private and 8% for public buildings. The net metering cap equals the highest load an electric company has delivered at a time.

  • National Grid Massachusetts Electric Company has a public cap of 410.54 MW and a private cap of 359.191 MW.
  • Eversource has a public cap of 466.56 MW and a private cap of 408.24 MW.
  • Unitil d/b/a Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company has a public cap of 8.16 MW and a private cap of 7.14 MW.
  • National Grid Nantucket Electric Company has a private cap of 3,452 MW and a public cap of 4,084 MW.

What are the Best Solar Energy Companies in Hampden County, Massachusetts?

Hampden County houses many solar companies operating in Massachusetts. These companies offer a range of services depending on your solar needs.

Northeast Solar
Address: Hatfield, MA,
Phone: (413) 247-6045

United Better Homes
Address: 535 Pine St, Central Falls, RI 02863
Phone: (401) 274-0111

Beyond Green Construction
Address: 13 Terrace View, Easthampton, MA 01027
Phone: (413) 529-0544

Alpine Solar Heat and Hot Water, LLC
Address: 189 North St, Windsor, MA 01270
Phone: (413) 684-3950

ACK Smart
Address: 4 S Beach St Ext, Nantucket, MA 02554
Phone: (508) 257-1786

SGE Solar (Second Generation Energy
Address: 85 S Bow St #3376, Milford, MA 01757
Phone: (508) 377-4037

Whaling City Solar
Address: 1213 Purchase St, Unit 2-55, New Bedford, MA 02740
Phone: (508) 415-5661

Solar Rising
Address: Mashpee, MA, MA MA
Phone: (508) 744-6284

Commercial Solar Guy
Address: 1213 Purchase St #2-50, New Bedford, MA 02740
Phone: (508) 499-9786

Isaksen Solar
Address: Fall River, MA, MA MA
Phone: (508) 567-0647

Fortune Energy Taunton Massachusetts
Address: 125 John Hancock Rd #6-A, Taunton, MA 02780
Phone: (508) 823-2629

Mass No-Cost Solar
Address: 40 Mechanic St, Foxborough, MA 02035
Phone: (508) 933-1124

Mains Electric, LLC
Address: 44 Main St, Alton, NH 03809
Phone: (603) 833-3312

Sunny D Solar
Address: 8 Birch Dr, Rochester, NH 03867
Phone: (603) 368-9057

Energy Shield of New Hampshire, LLC
Address: 8 Wildflower Dr, Concord, NH 03303
Phone: (603) 637-4827

Do You Need a Handyman or a Solar Installer in Hampden County?

The US Office of Energy and Renewable Energy recommends that homeowners seek professional help to install their solar systems. The recommendation carries a tip to consider professionals with certifications or licenses, like those offered by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

Installing a solar system without professional help or expertise is not without some risk. Solar systems are complicated even for electricians with basic electrical knowledge. It involves rigorous tasks like climbing roofs to mount solar panels and electrical wiring to connect the inverters and batteries to the panels.

Do Solar Panels Increase a Home Value in Hampden County?

Most solar installations help increase property values. Studies have shown that home value increases in Hampden County by about 4.1% or a value increase of about $5,911 per kW. The higher the kW, the higher the home value increases.

Different factors influence the value a solar system adds to the home value.

A 4kW solar system will add $23,644 to your home value, while a 6kW system will add about $35,466. An 8kW system will add $47,288, while a 10kW system will increase home value by $59,110.

Are Solar Panels Exempt from Property Taxes in Hampden County?

Solar panels do not affect your property tax figures in Hampden County. As solar systems are tax-free, Hampden County residents can adopt the Massachusetts tax exemption program and get a solar discount of 6.25%. The solar tax exemptions cover the parts and equipment of renewable energy like wind and solar in private residences.

These tax exemptions allow Hampden County residents to install solar systems at lower costs. Solar tax exemption has a 20-year active period within which homeowners save around $18,287 in taxes. Beyond the 6.25% sales tax exemption, there are Net metering and SMART incentives, among other incentives, to help Hampden County residents go solar.