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Solar Energy in Massachusetts by the Numbers
4,290+ (MW)Solar Installed
490+Solar Companies
$9.7 billionSolar Investment in State
140,000+Solar Installations

How Long Does It Take To Install a Solar System in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts solar installation can take between 1 to 10 days. The length of time it takes usually depends on factors like:

  • The size of the system
  • The solar installation team or company
  • The characteristics of the property
  • Town or city permits, inspection, regulations, and timelines
  • The weather

Once your city or town approves the permits and materials (which take around 30 to 120 days to be approved) for your solar system, you can schedule the installation with the contractor that helped you get the permits and materials approved. The solar power installation process comprises installing the frame and panels and connecting the panels to the inverter.

Residential vs Commerical Installations

Most solar installation companies in Massachusetts complete solar panel installation for homes within a day. Commercial solar installation takes longer because it consists of more solar panels and multiple or complicated roof plans.

In addition, while solar panel DIY installation is possible in Massachusetts, it must be done carefully. Installation of solar systems without proper training, experience, and equipment can cause injuries and damage your roof. The system may also not function properly.

Solar System Installation in Massachusetts

Where to Start, How to Start and What You Need to Know

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Solar Tax Credit in Massachusetts

The Solar Tax Credit allows Massachusetts taxpayers to claim 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system as a tax credit. Learn more about solar financing options in Massachusetts.

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Commercial Solar Installations in Massachusetts

Discover how commercial solar installations in Massachusetts empower businesses with sustainable energy solutions.

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